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Taken you on the journey

Daring to be different and possessing passion and fire, you know life can be anything you want to make it.

For the young-hearted free-spirited creatives. We see you dancing the night away at the hottest music festivals, chasing summer around the globe in exotic locations, you’re always the life of the party. You show up proud and unapologetic exactly how you are, oozing a quiet confidence and always carrying a cheeky smile.

We’ve built this platform for you!

TAKEN is an idea I scribbled into my notebook in bed one morning. I want to create a community where I can share my love for fashion, lifestyle, storytelling and network with like minded babes. Forever frustrated with never being able to find rare and unique pieces for my wardrobe, I’ve always wanted to be the most extra person in every room I walk into. I’m bored of the saturated fast fashion market. Fashion designers are artists and I’ve discovered how many talented artists aren’t getting the recognition they deserve; these pieces and their voices need to be seen and heard by the world. So, I came up with TAKEN – a platform for Australia’s best emerging designers.

As I delve further into this crazy concept, I’m learning just how bad the fast fashion industry is getting, so sustainability has become a huge focal point in the process. The fashion industry is the second biggest polluter in the globe behind oil. Insanity! Our designers share the same common outlook of producing high quality sustainable pieces that won’t kill your vibe.

So welcome to a platform where you can shop till you drop – guilt free!

our mission

We aspire to create a shared space for designers and consumers alike. TAKEN intentionally cuts through the saturated fast fashion market giving emerging fashion designers a platform to expand their audience and in turn giving consumers access to these evolving gems. Part of this vision is to also make it easy to shop sustainably without compromising style. We display the rare and unique alternatives to fast fashion while educating and inspiring fellow socially conscious consumers about the impact on our environment.