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BY MOLLY BACK When e-commerce platforms for emerging fashion designers and ethically sustainable fashion labels collide, you get an engaging and enlightening chat between TAKEN and Rosa Rosa the Label. This insightful conversation is the perfect place to begin if you wish to know more about sustainable fashion from the perspective of a small business […]

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Running a business through a pandemic – with Pearl & M

2020 – need I say more?  The world shut down in a way we never thought possible.  Countries closed their boarders; people lost their jobs; relationships fell apart and nations have gone into recession.  Victoria has by far been the hardest hit state in Australia, I had a chat to Pearl & M co-founder Melati […]

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New Designer – Nylo Studio

By Kristy Cleland Fashion that doesn’t cost the earth? Sign me up! When Amelia forwarded me the Nylo Studio Instagram, I had to reach out to owner Katelin and ask her to join the TAKEN community. Her beautiful, soft and feminine garments with vintage inspired prints absolutely bewildered me.  My mind was racing as I […]

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Jo’s Journal of Change

    By Jordan Philips – @veganvanillaslice   Want to be more sustainable? Concerned about the planet? Think zero waste shopping is super aesthetic? Cause same, to all of them. My name is Jo and I run @veganvanillaslice on Instagram. It’s all about being vegan, sustainability and a lot about food. What can I say […]

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Four ways I curate the most fulfilling Insta feed 

By Mila Kalic Influencer, ad, model, fast fashion label, sponsored, tik tok star, influencer aaaand repeat.    How many times have I had to question whether deleting or disabling my Instagram was a good idea? The same posts over and over, the same influencers that I unfollow, just to re follow, because someone has reposted […]

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By Kristy Cleland There’s something magical about film.  It doesn’t shoot a scene as it looks, it captures what it feels.  The shade, the light, the grain.  The impurities will last a lifetime, there for all to see.   It reminds me of a Marilyn Munroe quote that I’ve often referenced throughout my own adult years […]

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