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Bulli, NSW // Established 2020

Malia The Label

Malia The label (pronounced ma-lee-ah) means calm and gentle waters in Hawaiian, reflecting the laid back essence of the brand. We place value on slowly produced garments that are handmade with love and artisan craftsmanship.

Malia The Label

The Sunflower Collection


Taken you behind the scenes

Through playful print and self-expression, Malia The label embodies the youthful and curious, the passionate and adventurous. Our ‘handmade to order’ model of business supports sustainability by slowing down the design process and bringing back the value to fashion, which is often disintegrated within today’s society of mass production and fast fashion. ‘Do better, feel better’ in Malia The Label. Malia The Label came from big ideas, an ambition for change and the courage to go for it. The designer, Ally Thomas, began ‘Malia The Label’ at 19 years old. Ally currently studies branded fashion design at Billy Blue College of Design and works 2 casual jobs, however, the goal is to pursue ‘Malia The Label’ as a full time job. Ally started out, just designing and creating for fun, her ‘why not’ attitude challenging her to pursue her dream earlier than expected, becoming the perfect side hustle and learning experience.

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