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PERTH // Established 2019


I grew up travelling the world and constantly moving countries. Being around so any different people, places and cultures has always inspired me to think differently and be creative.

Melisa Mills

Melissa Mills


Taken you behind the scenes

I always wanted to dress uniquely and sought after market and op-shop pieces as long as I can remember. I started creating my own pieces when I was 14 (didn’t even know what a pattern was). After completing my studies in fashion design, I knew I wanted to create my own brand and do my own thing. It’s crazy because I never ever thought I would be where I am right now. MELOX is basically a more organised version of my brain. I draw, paint or sketch everything, the designs, the prints and every piece of clothing has a story behind it because I want to share what inspires me. I want people to be unafraid to be different and think different. I hope that the person who wears MELOX feels special, and knows that they stand out and are not just wearing a regular piece of clothing.

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