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Melbourne // Established 2019

Nylo Studio

Born from a love of vintage clothing and sustainable fashion, Nylo Studio aims to create and source earth friendly garments, while keeping the price tag affordable. Nylo Studio pieces are vintage, upcycled or made from remnant and natural fabrics in limited quantities.

Katelin McEwan

Fashion doesn't have to cost the Earth


Taken you behind the scenes

My name is Katelin and I’m the owner of Nylo Studio. I was born and raised in Perth before moving to Melbourne. Clothing has always played a huge role in my life, growing up I never wanted to be wearing the same thing as everyone else so I spent my time trawling second hand stores and markets, up-cycling the treasures I found and making my own clothes with the help of my mum and grandma.I began studying fashion and on this journey I discovered the harrowing effects the fashion industry has not only on the environment, but also the people making the clothing. I wanted to merge my love of designing and vintage clothing to create a label that put the earth and it’s people first.Alongside my strong sustainability efforts, it’s important to me to keep Nylo Studio affordable for everyone. I believe that you should be able to make more conscious fashion choices, regardless of your budget. By everyone making small steps in the right direction, we can come together to make a big change to the way the fashion industry is heading.

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