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Melbourne // Established 2019

Rosa Rosa The Label

Rosa Rosa The Label is 100% ethical every step of the way. Each and every piece is made with a conscience and is PETA-approved as vegan. Manufacturing everything locally in Melbourne, Australia, to ensure all processes in production are ethical and fair. All styles are created in small collections, in limited runs to avoid wastage and save the environment from unnecessary harm.

Christina Hewawissa

Christina Hewawissa


Taken you behind the scenes

I created Rosa Rosa in hope to showcase ethical clothing in a new light. By bringing to you elevated, fashion forward clothing at an affordable price point, I wanted to spread the importance of knowing where your clothes come from, and the impact that is has on the world. My aim is for Rosa Rosa to bring life to your wardrobe, as well as a good conscience. Unlike many other brands, we are conscious of the environmental and social impact that we have on the world. This is why we manufacture all of our products locally, in Melbourne, to ensure the process is 100% ethical every step of the way.

Our products have also been officially approved by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), which means that everything is entirely made out of vegan products and no animals have been harmed in the process. We also manufacture with limited stock quantities so that wastage is minimised and we can do our best to NOT contribute to the 87,000 TONNES of waste in the ocean known as garbage island.

Each collection has a strong message behind the clothing, as each and every piece is designed to empower us to be the best versions of ourselves. When shopping with Rosa Rosa, your conscience will always forgive you. In fact, it might even thank you for it. Each and every order helps the world become a better place, and allows us to continue to spread the important message of ethical clothing. To support our small business, shop now, we really will do a happy dance when you place your order.

Love always, Christina xx

Designer/Founder of Rosa Rosa The Label

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